Introduction to Lost Ark: Welcome to Arkesia

Developers of Lost Ark have made the decision to produce occasions such as the Founder event to provide limited use of gamers to experience the sport to talk about those reviews with developers. The sport was launched lately, and today anybody can buy and listen to it.

Lost Ark introduced many new systems, and there’s nobody within the gamer community you never know about all of the systems. You can join the Lost Ark community and find out about the system together or study from this informative guide to stand above your competition. The sport features content for player-versus-player and player-versus-atmosphere fight enthusiasts.

Lost Ark

Features of Lost Ark: Welcome to Arkesia 

Within the gameplay trailer, we are able to find out about a couple of options that come with the approaching Mmog because of the collaboration between Amazon. com and Smilegate.

Character Creation

Before you decide to focus on your adventure with the beautiful realm of Arkesia, you can personalize the look and also the performance of the character.

Tripod System 

By presenting the Tripod system, developers have categorized character personalization to select class and job without going insane. Each class in Lost Ark has skills, and you may upgrade these skills according to your demands.

Each class enhancement includes a different impact on skills. Some improve their duration while some decrease their cast time. You are able to apply as many as three upgrades to one skill and reset the skill tree anytime to reallocate the skill points.

The World of Arkesia 

Based on the story of Lost Ark, dark creators are attacking the field of Arkesia underneath the rule of Kazeros to have their dirty on the job Ark. To place simply, the Ark is definitely an artifact that’s holding the planet in balance, however the lord from the invading nation desire to use the Ark to produce themself in the prison.

Your work would be to fight dark creatures and prevent Kazeros from getting what he wants otherwise, it will likely be the finish around the globe. Many allies will join you inside your war from the dark lord. Explore the vast realm of Arkesia while defeating dark forces in fight after fight. You are able to explore the land by walking at the ocean on the boat.

Personalize your ship to really make it stick out locally so everybody can recognize your ship from the distance. Employ a crew to maintain your ship travel-ready constantly. You will get a personal island should you pass the ages to construct your castle and rule over your rightful kingdom. Craft furniture within the workshop to brighten your castle.

Raids, Dungeons, and Endgame Content 

Dungeons and raids are the most crucial competencies associated with a Mmog, and Lost Ark features various dungeons to help keep the legacy alive. Dungeons have all the features from fire-breathing dragons to bosses that you need to battle to go for your next objective.

You can go solo in dungeons or get the aid of your in-game buddies if you take them within the dungeon along with you. Watch carefully on all of the opponents that you could fight as possible avoid a number of individuals opponents simply by running from that location, plus they won’t follow you.

PVP Content

Although Lost Ark pops up with many different contents, you might feel fed up with killing dark-world creatures and wish to experience something totally new. For this function, developers added a person-versus-player fight choice to level all of your in-game variations in the game.

Every participant in PVP has equal use of skills, upgrades, and stats from his or her opponents to help keep things fair and square. There’s a PVP arena for six players, three on every team. You are able to unlock PVP mode at level 26 at Luterra castle and finish all of the quests to unlock the PVP arena further.

Each class performs differently in PVP, so a great way would be to test all of the classes in various sceneries to choose the very best class every time and win the fight.


The economy of Lost Ark features Royal crystals, gold, silver, and crystals which you can use for a number of purposes. The gold you can get gear that you could consume to have their benefits. You need to strive to help keep enough gold in your wallet for gear or pick the easy approach to buy lost ark gold from MmoPixel and concentrate on other important information on the sport.

Character Class

Lost Ark features five character classes, including Warrior, Assassin, Gunner, Mage, and Martial Artist. These classes are further split up into subclasses based on their jobs. In relation to character personalization, Lost Ark is loaded with lots of surprises for players.

You’ll find ranged melee classes in Lost Ark, but future updates with feature more classes. According to pro players, the most effective classes in Lost Ark are Bard, Paladin, and Gun lancer, however, they may not suit your needs because you can have a very different acting style.

Tips for Beginners

Based on the above features of the game and after watching the gameplay trailer, here are a few tips from pro players that you can follow to win every fight in the game.

  • Pick a class based on your preferences and start doing quests
  • Take help from in-game guides if you don’t understand anything
  • The level cap for your character is 60, and you have the option to level up various characters at the same time
  • Focus on the main quest first to get more rewards
  • Use tripods to fast travel across the map
  • Get a free pet by completing a quest in the main hub town
  • Reset skill if you aren’t satisfied with your performance and reallocate the points across skills


It is really a summary of the Lost Ark had a couple of features. There’s still a great deal to cover on which features does Lost Ark holds. You are able to stick to the ideas to help make your journey in Arkesia easy and progress with the game with no issues.