Do females growing up experience sexual abuse more than male

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Do females growing up experience sexual abuse more than male

Postby Antholemige » Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:41 am

п»ї At what age do men lose sexual attraction?
Paradoxically it is affirmed that it is in the fourth decade when they are in the "most" productive phase of their lives. They have been consolidated economically and professionally, although sadly it is also the time when men lose their sexual attraction.

A study conducted in the UK ensures that men stop being sexually attractive to young women at 39 years of age.

The above is due to the transition, towards the fourth decade, the signs of aging begin to accentuate.

The appearance of gray hair, hair loss, pronounced jowls, teeth in poor condition, are the main reasons for female rejection, "says the study.

In addition to the above, about 60% of women consider that they would not approach them because they may be married or in a relationship. Another considerable percentage sees them as father figures and not as sexual symbols.

They lose their sex appel

In addition to the above conditions, Mariano Sotomayor, president of the Mexican Society of Urology, affirms that in this age, male health irremediably faces two natural alterations: It increases the size of the prostate and decreases the production of testosterone

By reducing the production of testosterone lowers the level of muscle mass. Fat accumulates in the abdomen, greater predisposition to develop osteoporosis, in addition to decreased sexual desire and problems in the erection. On the intellectual level, there is difficulty concentrating, mood swings and even signs of depression.

Beyond age, in this video, the neuroscientist Eduardo Calixto explains what a woman is set in a man.

This statement that 40-year-old men are no longer attractive to women may seem limited. In the attraction also other aspects intervene as the emotions and qualities that they develop: intelligence, love, patience. What do you think, do you think that age really determines how sexy they can be?

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